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November 2017


    Signed  S Boddy – Chair of Finance
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This policy takes guidance from the DFE Policy – ‘Charging for School Activities’ which has been recently revised and Local Authority guidance on school lettings. Sections 449-462 of the Education Act 1996 set out the law on charging for school activities in schools maintained by local authorities in England. This guidance complements the information given in “A Guide to the Law for School Governors” (Chapter 23) and reflects the terms of the Education Act 1996.

This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the School’s Finance Committee and will be adjusted in line with new Government or Local Authority recommendations. It sets out the School’s position on charges, remissions and lettings.


Voluntary Contributions and Responsibilities of Staff

Nothing in legislation prevents a Governing Body or Local Authority from asking for voluntary contributions that would benefit the School or any School activities and the School will invite parents and others from time to time to make voluntary contributions to enable the provision of activities and visits which may not otherwise be possible. If the activity cannot be funded without voluntary contributions, this will be made clear to parents at the outset. The Governing Body or Headteacher will make it clear to parents that there is no obligation to make any contribution. No student will be excluded from an activity because his or her parents are unwilling or unable to pay. However, if insufficient voluntary contributions are raised to fund a visit, it may not go ahead. Staff organising visits should make this clear to parents. Staff organising a trip will make it clear to parents at the outset what their policy for allocating places on the visit will be.


For activities during normal School hours and/or within the National Curriculum, parents may be asked to make a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of the activity to enable it to go ahead.

Charges and contributions should cover the anticipated costs.


Nursery Charges for Additional Sessions over the funded 15 hours and Play and Learn Sessions (2 year olds)

All 3 and 4 year old children have an entitlement to 15 hours funded entitlement and this entitlement must always be completely free at the point of delivery. A parental agreement will be required in relation to the funded 15 hours provision. (this also includes some funded 2 year olds)


Additional sessions over the 15 hours per week entitlement may be available but this is dependent upon the number of children who are attending for funded sessions and to whom priority will be given.  Sessions will consist of 3 hours and will be charged at £12.00 per session for nursery children (3 & 4 year olds) and £15.00 per session (2 year olds)  The parental agreement should include details of the additional chargeable sessions which will only be guaranteed for the duration of 1 term with the agreement being put into place each term to define requirements, again dependent upon availability. 


Invoicing and Payment Procedures

An invoice for the additional sessions will be sent to parents monthly in advance.  Where immediate payment of the invoice may cause hardship, parents are advised to contact the School Business Manager in writing upon receipt of invoice. The School will do its best to assist with payment arrangements basing individual requests on their own merit.  Note: late payment may incur additional charges (see Important Note and Late Payment Charges below) and non-payment will result in the termination of the contract with immediate effect unless an individual agreement has been arranged.


Non Attendance or Cancellation

There will be no refunds (full or part) for non-attendance of chargeable sessions.

Fees for additional sessions are chargeable for a full term and cancellation of the agreement will result in a cancellation charge for the remainder of fees due up to the end of the term.  The cancellation charge may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the School Business Manager basing individual requests on their own merit.  All requests for waiving/reduction of cancellation fee must be put in writing.  Note: late payment may incur additional charges (see Important Note and Late Payment Charges below)


Lunchtime Sessions

The school can charge parents a fee of £4.00 per lunchtime session to cover for additional supervisory staffing provision for nursery children attending the lunchtime session.

School meals are not provided and a packed lunch is necessary.


Important Note: 

Any sums payable by parents for optional extras such as unpaid nursery fees, extended school provision etc to which they have agreed in writing, shall be recoverable as a civil debt and may also be subject to late payment charges.


Late Payment Charges:

Charges will be levied at the higher of £5.00 or 5% (change as necessary)of the outstanding debt, to cover associated administration costs.

Partner Agencies

£15 per hour for nursery staff members to run sessions on their behalf ie language groups, crèche facilities etc..

Miscellaneous Charges


This can be changed for individual schools and can incorporate a schedule of charges


Scale of charges

Letting of rooms / site

£10 per hour


This will include tea/coffee for up to 8 people.  Over and above this will be charged at an additional £1.00 per head.


Any additional charges or caretaking work will be charged to the individual organisation as required.


Photocopying Charges


  A4 A3 A2 A1
B/W 3p 5p    
B/W Lazer 8p 12p    
Colour 50p 70p    
Folding/Stapling £4.00 per 100    
Scanning £1.00 per sheet+ disc    
Large Format Matt     £3.50 £5.00
Large Format Gloss     £6.00 £8.00
Laminating 95p £1.60 £4.00 £6.00

(inc. acetate & back)



  A4 A3
Coloured Paper 2p 4p
White Card 8p 13p
Coloured Card 10p  
OHP 50p  
Acetate 15p  
  A4 A3
Ream of

White Paper



Private Telephone Calls and Faxes

Staff and others using a School telephone or the fax machine may do so, with the prior agreement of the School Business Manager, at the rate charged by the telephone supplier.